Domestic transport behaviour1234
Shift to zero emission transport1234
Choice of fuel cells or batteries1234
Domestic freight1234
International aviation1234
International shipping1234
Average temperature of homes1234
Home insulation1234
Home heating electrificationABCD
Home heating that isn't electricABCD
Home lighting & appliances1234
Electrification of home cookingAB
Growth in industryABC
Energy intensity of industry123
Commercial demand for heating and cooling1234
Commercial heating electrificationABCD
Commercial heating that isn't electricABCD
Commercial lighting & appliances1234
Electrification of commercial cookingAB
Nuclear power stations1234
CCS power stations1234
CCS power station fuel mixABCD
Offshore wind1234
Onshore wind1234
Tidal Stream1234
Tidal Range1234
Biomass power stations1234
Solar panels for electricity1234
Solar panels for hot water1234
Geothermal electricity1234
Hydroelectric power stations1234
Small-scale wind1234
Electricity imports1234
Land dedicated to bioenergy1234
Livestock and their management1234
Volume of waste and recyclingABCD
Marine algae1234
Type of fuels from biomassABCD
Bioenergy imports1234
Storage, demand shifting & interconnection1234